GMC sales jumped 18 percent in 1992, with sales of its Jimmy sport utility vehicle improving 60 percent and sales of its flagship Suburban improving 180 percent. Full-size truck sales were up 21 percent for the year at GMC.

GMC Breaks Out of the Mold

FORT WORTH – Not long ago, making the standard pickup commercial called for mixing outdoor shots with a few rugged-looking men doing construction work. That’s far from true today.

Windstar takes on the aerodynamic shape that the Taurus brought to the North American market in the mid-1980s. Its front-wheel-drive design eliminates the interior drivetrain tunnel and allows Ford to provide passenger packaging not seen in its Aerostar, a good but not stellar performer.

Minivans Maneuver for Maximum Profits

FORT WORTH – Starting in less than two weeks and extending over the next several years, Chrysler will face an onslaught of new minivan challengers – all aiming to claim the king’s crown and change consumer attitudes about the market leader.

Motor Trend magazine named the Cadillac Seville Touring sedan the 1992 Car of the Year.

Steady Steering for Cadillac

ARLINGTON – The turmoil in General Motors’ executive ranks won’t hurt the launch or lifespan of the all-new, Arlington-made Cadillac Fleetwood, the general manager of GM’s luxury division said yesterday.

Chevy Volt

Electric Car Fuels GM’s Dreams

DETROIT – If it works, analysts predict it will have an electrifying impact on the domestic auto industry. They say GM’s plan to produce and sell an electric car is a much-needed spark for Detroit’s technological image.

The Station Wagon Wages a Comeback

AUSTIN – Too much competition and too little creative design work have dropped the station wagon’s share of the U.S. car market from 12.6 percent in 1972 to only 4 percent. But some automakers have refused to write off the wagon and are aiming to bring it back.