Such a plane would be highly maneuverable, less expensive than manned aircraft and capable of delivering high-tech weapons in even the most dangerous conditions. Rendering of Teranis from BAE Systems. Rendering of Teranis from BAE Systems.

Sensors Lead Unmanned Fighters Into Battle

WASHINGTON – Inside a command center, an Air Force technician studies a radar screen as the unmanned fighter he is controlling flies into air space considered too dangerous for U.S pilots. Using data from the aircraft’s sensors, bounced by satellite to the command center, the controller detects three concealed surface-to-air missile sites.

In November 1989, GD acknowledged that F-16 production had fallen as many as 20 planes behind schedule because of production problems. The problems cost GD millions of dollars in delayed government payments, contract adjustments and overtime pay.

Air Force Blasts GD for F-16 Production Woes

FORT WORTH – In a harshly worded letter to top management, the Air Force has asked General Dynamics Corp. to correct problems in F-16 production in Fort Worth that the government says could hinder the company’s efforts to keep building its primary jet fighter on schedule.

The MiG-31 is a long-range interceptor designed to cruise over Soviet airspace and knock down enemy aircraft and cruise missiles. Dubbed "Foxhound" by NATO officials, it is the first Soviet plane to have a radar enabling it to shoot down aircraft outside the pilot's visual range.

Soviet MiG Expert Not Impressed by F-117A

PARIS – To one of the Soviet Union’s top warplane designers, America’s F-117A stealth fighter-bomber is no big deal.He doesn’t think the aircraft’s accomplishments in the Persian Gulf War were all that impressive, and he’s confident that one of his own fighters could detect the F-117A and shoot it down.

Joint Strike Fighter

U.S. Seeks Partners for $250 Billion Fighter Jet

PARIS – Europeans have an affinity for things American. They wear Levis, eat Big Macs, idolize Hollywood stars, and, fortunately for the Pentagon, fly U.S.-made jet fighters.With that in mind, the Defense Department is at full throttle trying to sign up European and other allies to share the staggering $250 billion cost of its Joint Strike Fighter program.