Content Design

Below are some of the pages on the web where I’ve worked with designers and developers. Some were one-page endeavors and some involved the creation of multiple pages and channels and were the product of a content strategy, which was the case at AOL, Sears and the AIA.

  • Worked with outside agency, Think Inc., to improve content opportunities and content display on ManageMyHome site. Developed process and schedule for display of new content and hired team of new editors and writers to build out site for Sears.

  •  Worked on overhaul of manuals page and experience. Added thousands of new manuals and worked with design and development teams to improve and enrich content on manual display page.


  • Worked with development team to determine content opportunities for the home services page. Team implemented new content plans and did content development work.

  • Worked with the advocacy team at the AIA to determine content opportunities and procedures for their new page.

  • Brought about a nearly complete overhaul of this page from a content standpoint. Updated the content practices and process and established a publication schedule and workflow.

  •  Led complete redesign of Netscape news channels at AOL. The design here is our ‘light’ design used for the Netscape ISP.

  •  This is another of light approach for the CompuServe ISP. 

  •  This photo gallery was developed for Netscape but used on severe brands. 

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