The high court has offered little hope in recent years for those who want to maintain affirmative action programs aimed at reversing the effects of past discrimination. Last year, the court imposed limits on affirmative action in federal contracts.

Supreme Court Asked for Help in UT Racial Diversity Case

WASHINGTON – Saying the University of Texas Law School gains from “racial diversity in its classrooms,” the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court yesterday to strike down a lower court ruling that would end race as a factor in admissions. The department filed a 21-page brief in support of the state of Texas’ appeal of…

The prospect of Supreme Court vacancies is worrying some conservatives, legal experts say, because Republican presidents appointed the three jurists who are considered most likely to retire - Rehnquist, 72; Stevens, 76; and O'Connor, 66.

Election Will Steer Nation’s Judicial Direction

WASHINGTON – The outcome of tomorrow’s presidential election could affect the nation’s judicial system well into the next century. Legal experts believe that as many as three Supreme Court justices could retire in the next four years, allowing the next president to give an ideological tilt to the nation’s highest court.