About Mike

Mike Towle is an award-winning writer and editor whose career has spanned the printed page and digital environment with equal levels of success.

header1As a reporter, he covered the White House and Pentagon from Knight Ridder Newspapers’ Washington bureau, where his work appeared in such publications as the Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald and Detroit Free Press. Before that, he covered business news in both Dallas and Detroit. He won statewide and national honors as a reporter, including from the Associated Press, Dallas Press Club and the Aviation and Space Writers Association. Twice he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

In 2000, he made the transition from working member of the press to news channel manager at Internet giant America Online, where he managed the company’s efforts to develop a news product for the web. Just after AOL’s merger with Time Warner he was given the lead in integrating content from Time Warner’s news publications into AOL’s web properties.

He managed a news team at AOL that produced news, sports and weather channels for iconic digital brands Netscape, CompuServe, and AIM and leveraged content from Time-Warner partners like CNN, TIME, FORTUNE and People. His team grew in size and audience during his tenure, building user and pageview counts from 3 million a month to over 50 million.

Since leaving AOL, Mike has co-founded a startup B2B news site, which was later sold, worked with retailer Sears and Kmart to build a content team and grow both visitor counts and sales, and worked with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in Washington on content production and its display on its AIA.org website. While at the AIA, the organization won a prestigious Webby award for its site.

Mike now manages his own digital consulting firm, iContentWorks, where he advises  companies on content strategy, creation and production.  His client list includes brands like Apple, Google,  HP, Netflix, YouTube, MSNBC and ABC News.

You can reach out to Mike using the tool below.

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