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As manager of daily news operations at AOL Web Properties, Mike led a team of editors, photographers and programmers that selected, developed, and coordinated news, sports and weather content for all AOL Web Properties’ websites and portals, including Netscape and CompuServe. He hired and /or trained staff and carried out a major redesign of the news channels, expanding its content offering and growing audience by the millions of users. He managed the relationship with Time Warner partners, including Time, Fortune, People, CNN, and others, and established editorial cooperation between programmers on his team and editors at the magazines. He added content from major external publishers, including USA Today and Agence France Presse, and renegotiated the company’s contract with the Associated Press and partner WeatherBug.

Mike also developed a new packaged approach for creating and displaying news content on all channels to better inform users, grow page view counts and leverage AOL’s substantial pool of content. He helped expand the use of video content across all Time Warner brands, increasing video traffic and revenue, and led development of a news channel for AOL’s first high-speed, open-web portal.

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